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The Best Golf Sunglasses For 2024

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Quick Rank - Top 3

Best Overall: Oakley Sutro Lite

Best Cheap Option: Swick Sunglasses

Best Dual Purpose: RayBan New Wayfarer


If you're here right now, you either lost your last pair of sunglasses, are unsatisfied with your current golf sunglasses, or realize you need a pair after your last sunny round on the golf course.

Either way, you want something that will protect you from harmful UV rays, support you in playing golf in bright environments, and help you see the golf ball after you hit it... and ideally, something that makes you look good, too.

With so many options out there, we've done the research for you to make an informed decision and get a pair of golf sunglasses today. These are the best golf sunglasses money can buy.

What Are The Best Golf Sunglasses?

Best Overall Option - Oakley Sutro Lite

a pair of sunglasses

As the proud owner of a Pair of Sutro Lites and a self-proclaimed sunglasses collector, I can quickly call these the best sunglasses to golf in, hands-down.

When you put them on, the course immediately looks amazing. I've tried a few pairs since my buddies have their own, too, and every tint option is incredible.

These are lightweight, durable, and have a hard case to throw in your golf bag.

They also look good on pretty much every face shape. Again, I golf with a few others who also have their own pairs, and they're always the best-looking golfers on the golf course that day.

Oakley's golf sunglasses are going to be hard to beat. They're a trusted brand for a good reason and have hit it out of the part with this model.

Best For: An Overall Solution

Price: $195

Ranking: 9.7/10

Best Dual Purpose Option - RayBan New Wayfarer Classic

a pair of sunglasses

If you want a pair of golf sunglasses that can be easily worn outside golf, I recommend the New Wayfarer from RayBan.

It's a highly trusted brand that comes with a slightly smaller frame/eye shape, making it an easy option to fit in your bag and easy to wear with hats and other accessories.

These also look sleek and are more practical outside the golf course than the previously mentioned Oakleys. You can wear these to the course and then take them to the beach, park, or any other outdoor activity. You can even dress these up with their timeless style.

They're simply an excellent option for both golf and outside use and are a durable golf sunglasses option as well. Feel free to toss these around a bit.

Best For: Both Golf and Non-Golf Activities

Price: $160

Ranking: 9.4/10

Best Cheap Option - Swick Sunglasses

a pair of sunglasses

This is your option if you want something cheap that looks good and fits most face sizes.

These golf sunglasses are for golfers who lose their glasses a lot or want to avoid accidentally running them over with the cart if they slip off.

That said, they're still a durable set of sunglasses in general. They also come in many color lens and frame options, including a microfiber cleaning bag. Smoke lenses, brown lenses, green lenses, and many more are offered.

There's a reason they have so many positive reviews. These are the best value golf sunglasses by far.

Best For: A Cheap Option

Price: $25

Ranking: 9.2/10

Best Premium Option - Maui Jim Red Sands

a pair of sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses feel amazing the second you put them on. They are durable, snug, and stylish golf sunglasses that can easily be worn outside the golf course.

They have polarized lenses, comfortable nose pads, and provide crystal clear vision on the golf course. Seriously, try a pair on and look around; you'll love what you see. They reduce glare and have a beautiful lens tint.

These are a bit pricier, but you'll feel the quality once you wear them for the first time. They're also lightweight despite the premium feel. You won't even notice they're on while you swing.

Best For: A Premium Option

Price: $25

Ranking: 9.0/10

Best Value Option - Nike Endeavor Sunglasses

a pair of sunglasses

These are slightly more expensive than the Swick option mentioned above, but they are much more bang for your buck.

These offer protection from harmful UV rays, they're lightweight, highly durable, and even shatter-resistant for the clumsier golfer.

They look great with a golf outfit and fit easily in the bag. Like Oakley Sunglasses, Nike is known to make great golf accessories and is a trusted brand.

They also have secure-fit locking hinges to stay snug on your face as you swing.

I highly recommend you take a look at these sunglasses if you want the best bang for your buck, but not necessarily the cheapest option.

Best For: A Value Option

Price: $59

Ranking: 8.6/10

Best Golf Sunglasses - Summary

In general, you want a pair of sunglasses that will make you feel good while you golf and provide the visual clarity required to golf properly. Most golf sunglasses people like will be durable, fit snug but comfortable, offer polarized sunglasses options, and won't break the bank.

Whatever you decide you need, you should consider the type of golf you will be playing. Do you need something highly specialized for the golf course? Do you need something that supports prescription lenses? Do you break or lose your glasses a lot? Do you want a pair of golf sunglasses that can also function in non-golf use cases? These are the questions to ask yourself before diving in.

Regardless, these options should help you see the golf ball in bright environments while staying safe and fit into any category of sunglasses you need.


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