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Picture of me golfing at Ferry Point in New York

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

In 2022, I played 40 rounds of golf. This year I'm on track to double that. As a habitual note taker, I often finish each round with tons of new notes on what I learned (commit to the chip, go iron on dog legs, don't think about what not to do...). It's the reason I've been able to steadily progress.

So I started doing the same thing as I compared training aids and other products I purchased (golf is an endless chasm of new shiny things to buy). It's helped me identify which items are worth repeat purchases, and which are actually helping me in the long run.

And since this sport seems to have such hold on me that it's becoming a legitimate concern to those that love me, I figure these notes aren't going to stop, and that I may as well share them with those who will listen.

I hope you enjoy my collection of articles, anecdotes, and swing thoughts.

- Chris

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