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The 5 Best Golf Bags of 2024

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

What is the Best Golf Bag?

Choosing a golf bag can be tricky. There are carry bags, stand bags, cart bags, all sorts of bags! It can also be challenging to make the lightweight bag tradeoff when considering storage space and other features.

Choosing a bag needs to fit your specific needs. For some, that means a very particular golf bag. But for others, a more universal option is better.

This ranking should be the last source you need to make a decision. These are the best golf bags right now.

Best Overall Option - Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

picture of a golf bag

I have a lot of buddies who copied each other and purchased this bag for a reason. This bag is simply the best for a golfer who wants something new that does it all.

It comes in various unique colorways, numerous clip-on attachment areas, and features large dividers to fit all your golf clubs.

Beyond clubs, there are 7 pockets total on this bag to fit all your accessories, range finder, balls, and anything else you want to bring to the course that day.

It's a proper stand bag with a highly convenient handle (trust me, you'll be happy you got a bag with a top handle).

This is a high-quality golf bag with a timeless look on the course. The material is strong, the legs are durable, and it only weighs 4 lbs. What more do you want?

Best For: An Overall Solution

Price: $199

Ranking: 9.5/10

Best Lightweight Option - TaylorMade FlexTech Lite

picture of a golf bag

For the walking golfer or someone who generally wants a lightweight golf bag without sacrificing durability or size, this is the bag for you.

It features a magnetic lock for the legs to ensure they don't flap open while you walk or maneuver the bag. It also has easily removable or adjustable straps, with a quick access important-valuables pouch on the outside.

This is one of the lighter golf bags, but it also features plenty of storage and pocket space for when you need it. We certainly would not consider it a classic Sunday golf bag for this reason. This is a legit bag that is loved by its fans.

Best For: A lightweight Bag

Price: $269

Ranking: 9.2/10

Best Sunday Bag - Sunday Golf Loma Bag

picture of a golf bag

Following the theme of lightweight golf stand bags, we wanted to include a Sunday golf bag.

What is a Sunday bag? These are incredibly slim bags designed to fit either a few clubs for a quick range sesh, yet still allow you to fill a complete set and play an entire round of 8 if you wanted to.

They sacrifice the storage for all your gear, but they're an excellent lightweight stand bag specifically for maneuverability. You'll likely get some impressed looks on the golf course with this, as they look pretty sleek in person, too.

Despite the lack of storage, there still is a prominent pocket set for your critical golf gear (balls, rangefinder, personal belongings, etc.).

If you want something different and especially easy to move around, and you don't need a lot of storage, or you want a second bag specifically as a range bag, look no further.

Best For: A Sunday Bag

Price: $269

Ranking: 9.0/10

Best Luxury Option - Vessel Lux XV 2.0

picture of a golf bag

If you're looking for something that makes you look good, feel good, and play good, this premium golf bag option from Vessel is an excellent choice.

It's made from premium materials and high-quality synthetic leather, has ample storage, and has a 15-way top to fit your entire quiver.

This would be considered a golf cart bag. These are the best golf bags to ride with, specifically designed to properly sit within a golf cart for easy access. You place the bag upright on the card and let it serve you in that position throughout the round.

This is one of the more expensive golf bags, for sure. It's also a bit heavier than some of the other options. But again, it's designed for a cart on the golf course, and you can just tell it is a durable and beautiful product after seeing a few images/videos of it.

If you don't like the cart bag concept, don't worry; they have plenty of other options on their site for the golfer looking to leverage legs and a more classic carry bag or golf stand bag design.

Best For: A Luxury Bag

Price: $455

Ranking: 8.9/10

Best For Storage - Maxfli Honors+

picture of a golf bag

If you want a golf bag that can fit an 18-pack of soda, then look no further. This is the bag for the golf course party.

This golf bag has 11 pickets, 14 club holders, and comfortable dual-carry straps. Beyond the impressive storage capacity, it is also generally well-designed as a stand bag that also functions as a solid cart bag.

It features a convenient multi-sided top handle, durable legs, and comes in some lovely colorways.

For the golfer looking to store a lot of belongings but wanting to maintain bag quality and design, this is the one for you.

Best For: Storage

Price: $199

Ranking: 8.7/10

Why is Golf Bag Choice Important?

Your golf bag is supposed to be your happy place on the golf course. It should suit your unique needs as a golfer.

For some, that means a lightweight golf stand bag that they can drop on the ground, hit a chip, and then sling back over their shoulder.

For others, that might mean a premium cart bag they can show off on the course.

Regardless, it's one of the pieces of your golf identity that's unique to you. A golf bag is more than just a tool to hold your belongings. It is so much bigger than that.

It holds your golf balls, golf shoes, gloves, and other items, but it's also a piece of personal style for many golfers.

That's what makes them fun but also grounding. You have to come back to your bag after every shot. The best golf bags are the ones that fit the player well.

Best Golf Bags - Summary

Golf bags are supposed to do a few core things. Most golf bags need to be durable to survive the outdoors of the golf game. They need to travel well to the course or driving range. They need to carry your belongings and golf clubs. And they need to fit on golf carts. The best golf bags will at least do well at these qualities.

Outside of this, there are many areas and elements of a bag you can request from there. Some people prefer a certain number of dividers. Some want a strong travel bag that will protect their clubs well. And others want a sleek, lightweight design they can show off to their friends. The goal is to find the one that fits your current needs and enjoy it from there!


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